JEFF MAY, Motivational Speaker - "If you want different, do different; You're the change!"
Jeff May, National Motivational Speaker and Radio Personality for ViBE 97.7 FM
Here are just a few examples of some workshops, trainings and/or seminars that Jeff can craft to specifically meet your program and consulting needs!
  • Healthy Relationships- Participants define and discuss what healthy relationships are as well as identify them within their own lives.  They will also be challenged to establish a plan of how they must end or alter relationships that maybe detrimental or harmful within their lives. 
  • Writing Your Own Legacy- This workshop emphasizes the importance of intentionally living each day as if you were composing your life's story in your own words.  The audience is encouraged to consider what things they would desire to be remembered for and how each new day assists them in establishing a long-lasting legacy that they can be proud of.
  • Reach To Teach--In this workshop Jeff helps educators understand the importance of reaching the students they are responsible for teaching. Participants are provided with practical and useful concepts, ideas and approaches that will enable them to connect to and inspire even the most challenging students.
  • Dealing With Your Stuff—This exploratory session examines various ways we deal with our issues, mistakes and failures on a public stage.  Attendees learn that by properly dealing with their "stuff" and sharing their failures they can reclaim the power they've forfeited while inspiring others.
  • HELP!!!...I'm A Parent!—This "keep it real" session assists parents in dealing with some of the challenges associated with parenting by exploring a few of the "questions we silently ask" during our crack at parenthood.  Jeff's laid back and practical approach is sure to leave parents revived, renewed and rejuvenated!
  • So You Think You're G.R.O.W.N?—This workshop will serve as a reality check and mirror for anyone who has ever proclaimed "I'm Grown."  So you think you're G.R.O.W.N is sure to be a worthwhile workshop that you won't want any self-proclaimed grown-up to miss out on!
  • 100 Ways- Jeff May’s “100 Ways” to Make Love Without Having Sex is everything your mother and father have always told you, said in ways you’ve never heard before! This “keep it real” workshop is targeted specifically to teens in an effort to help them explore and define healthy relationships and how to appropriately conduct themselves using strong morals, family values and a common sense approach.  At the end of this session participants will be able to effectively understand the difference between what Love is and what it’s not.
  • T.H.I.N.K Before You Speak-- This session will challenge participants to choose their words carefully.  In this workshop listeners will have to decide whether or not what they say is True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary or Kind.  Be prepared to be more effective!
  • Determining the Net Worth of your Network-This eye-opening workshop provides an in depth examination of  how we define and value the effectiveness our various networks of support.  Jeff May creatively correlates the critical aspects of business and finance as it relates to the most valuable commodity you will ever be responsible for managing—human capital.  Participants are sure to be left motivated to make everyday count!
  • Boy 2 Men...Building Effective Mentoring Programs -This workshop addresses the vital need for men to mentor young males in their journey into manhood.  Participants will learn how to become involved, engaged and effective within the lives of boys both in schools and in the community.  Those in attendance will walk away encouraged, motivated and empowered to make a difference in the lives of children.
  • Confidence Vs. Cockiness & The Thin Line That Separates The Two -Do you consider yourself a confident person?  Maybe you've been accused of being a bit cocky?  No matter where you fall within these two categories, this session will help to clarify exactly where you stand.  We invite you to take part in this workshop that is sure to spark some riveting discussions.
  • Breaking The Curse-how to expect better out of your life by breaking those generational cycles that have imprisoned those who came before you!
  • Life on Purpose with Purpose-this seminar emphasizes the importance of purposely living life on purpose and with a purpose.
  • Creating A Climate For Growth-within this workshop participants will be challenged to examine the various work and developmental environments they're responsible for in an effort to determine what opportunities for growth they are presenting to those they lead.