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Better Education begins with Better Parenting

It is no secret that we must improve education, especially within the inner cities of our country.
However, what we don’t effectively explore is the level of education that takes place at home. 
On average, children are exposed to home-based education during the first four years of their lives.  Not to mention all of the following years of learning by the examples set before them by those in their home.
The effectiveness of a child’s education doesn’t begin with their first day of school.  It should begin with the first parameters set for them by those who care for them.  They must learn early on what “yes” implies and what the word “no” means.  They learn what a woman is by seeing what women do.  Our young men understand what manhood entails by actually witnessing men behaving and living like real men.
When we speak of improving the education for our children, we must first understand that you can’t improve something that you are not familiar with.  If you are not aware of what your child is learning in school, then it is very difficult to demand more of those teaching them.  If you are tardy to the PTA meetings or absent from the Parent Teacher Conferences, then it is unlikely that you will be able to make knowledgeable criticisms of what your child’s school is not doing.
If we as parents and a community are a non-factor in the educational development of our youth, then we forfeit our voices as it pertains to their futures.  We give up the right to speak prosperity and greatness into the lives of our kids when we settle for the silence of complacency.
Secondly, we must come to the understanding that we can’t hold the school systems solely responsible for making our children responsible young individuals.
By the time a child comes into their very first classroom they bring with them all of the learned behaviors, habits and expectations given to them by their families.  Before teachers can begin to assist your child in learning key concepts, they must first work through the distractions, hindrances and drama they brought to school with them.
We can’t help them to prepare for standardized tests until we educate them on how a young lady should dress, or how a young man should communicate without profanity, or how exhibiting appropriate manners should be incorporated within their lifestyle.
When we get beyond the overcrowded classrooms, the out-dated textbooks and the corruption within the school districts; we find that the reason many of our children are failing in education and in life is because we as parents and guardian have failed to ensure that their homework has been completed.
The homework that I am speaking about is the teaching outside of the classroom.  We need to ensure that the work done at home include practicing what we preach and living by example.  Our homework is to teach personal responsibility, appropriate conflict resolution, effective communication, understanding what appropriate apparel looks like, seeing the preservation of womanhood and purity, witnessing the boldness of true manhood and there must be a higher expectation set for them than was set of us.
So I urge you not to ask what more the schools can do for your children, but rather ask yourselves what more can I do for my own child.
Let’s raise our children as well as the expectations of our own parenting skills.

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Quennel Cooper on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 3:49 PM
Very true! Education must come from schools as well as from parents/gaurdians, it cannot be blamed on one group. Communities, families, and schools must all work together so that we do not let our children fail. It takes a village to raise a child. Schools need to integrate more technology and have more people of color in leadership. When you go into a school and most of the custodial staff and kitchen staff are people of color and the teachers and administrators are white that is a problem. When children live in a neighborhood where the grass is not cut and houses are destroyed that is a problem. When parents/guardians are not given the skill set to do better that is a problem. Overall, it time for education to move forward in the 21st century.
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Mellisa May on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 9:20 PM
If an adult leads a life as an affective example and not an effective excuse they can more likely help the young minds of today's society. We can't just live in response to everything because sometimes we need pro-active behaviors; we need to prevent some things that are avoidable if those same things are not going to benefit our children. I'm not even a parent, but I know one careless adult is too much living without a purpose. I enjoy your controversial blog Mr. May, and what you do in the community. We need more men and women to take action.
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