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Facebook: Christianity's Newest Enemy

 February 2004 Facebook was created as a social networking website. 
Today it has become one of the greatest social phenomena this world has ever seen. 
With all of the great benefits and groundbreaking movements that Facebook has brought to our present generation, we can’t ignore the damage that has been attributed to its’ use.
We must remember that people always have the ability to taint a good thing.  While there is no denying all of the positive and beneficial uses for this site, this blog is about the punishment Christianity has taken because of some of it’s’ users.
Nowadays it seems like personal relationships with God are not valid until everyone sees how you display your devotion on your Facebook Wall.  My individual one-on-one experience with God has been substituted for a more projected viewpoint of my professed dedication.
While people have the right by way of freedom of speech and religion, to express what they feel about what they believe, it must be understood that individuals begin to associate what you say you believe with what they see in and know about you.  There comes a point where people attempt to identify us with the faith and belief we’ve proclaimed.
Facebook for some has become a platform to showcase what they feel is the very best and appealing view of themselves.  With this kind of self-controlled site, we have the ability to recreate ourselves to be everything that is the polar opposite of what we really are.  But when it comes to our Christian faith, we tend to over exaggerate our actual position with God.
It’s not enough to simply be a Facebook pastor or prophet, but we must strive for an authentic relationship with God; which doesn’t require the validation of individuals that frequent your page.
A lot of times we get behind our keyboards and allow our fingers to write checks that our lives lack the ability to cash.
The biggest blow to Christianity is this: When you post your prophetic and evangelic soliloquy on Sunday evening, you fail to follow through on those words the following week.  However, just as open as your confession of faith was, the evidence of your despair and true lack of faith was even more prevalent within your last post.
There are those who have a hard time accepting and receiving Christianity, because they don’t see many credible examples of it’s’ effectiveness.  They log on to Facebook and see the various actors and actresses playing the part of powerful people, but denying the power that produces an authentic Christian swagger.
Is it fair for Christianity to lose its appeal, because we fail to ‘’keep it real’’ when we put ourselves on display for the entire web to see?
While Christianity is not about being perfect, it does involve consistently striving toward perfection through the intervention of someone greater than you.
We must be very careful not to exalt or inflate ourselves too high, for the fear of an extremely damaging fall when humanity occurs.
In short, it is a sad day when the power of the post or Facebook status overrides the effectiveness of a reflective Christian lifestyle.
  It is possible to fool and mislead the masses, but it is futile for us to hide from those who know us best—especially the One who created you. 
 Hiding behind a Facebook persona can only lead to a painful and eventual revelation of the true you.
 In short-- I’m not what I post, but what I live.
You’re the Change.
Let me know your thoughts.

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Mellisa May on Saturday, July 30, 2011 11:04 PM
The film Catfish comes to mind. People on Facebook can become fragments of who they want to be and feel they aren't or can't be. Disillusionment about reality.
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