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Poor Parenting Prepares Kids for Prison

It is very easy nowadays to identify failing school districts, poor teachers and poverty stricken cities as the main reason for the demise of our current generation of children.  However the real truth is that if men and women would become better parents, then children would have no other option than to become better themselves.
After choosing a career in education, it has become painfully obvious that many parents have completely dropped the ball when it comes to investing in and caring about their children’s education.
  Furthermore, educators everywhere can agree that aside from the complacency shown toward learning, some parents have also displayed an outright inability to properly parent their kids.
Instead of parents taking the destinies of their children within their own hands, most are depending on ADHD meds, alternative education, extracurricular activities, daycare, and television to raise them.  This kind of pattern is allowing the number of inmates in our penitentiaries to grow at an alarming rate.  Not to mention that the number of children on behavioral plans and medications are the highest we’ve ever seen.
Due to the fact that food and fashion have taken the place of spending quality time and instilling values within our kids; our schools are now filled with some of the most well-dressed, physically unfit and morally degenerate children we’ve ever seen.
We seem to take more pride in the clothes and shoes our children are wearing, rather than being ashamed of the disrespect and lack of home-training they display daily.
Within our classrooms, the challenge doesn’t lie in educating these kids-but keeping them behaved.  But keeping children behaved shouldn’t begin at school, but it should always begin at home! 
When you fail to discipline and correct a child today, you will either medicate or incarcerate them tomorrow.  Quite simply, when boundaries are set, lives are saved.  We must not allow the next generation to suffer for our inability to effectively cultivate our children.
Now, on the other hand there are kids who actually need some medical assistance in offsetting chemical imbalances, however this does not alleviate them from learning personal responsibility and practicing self-control.
Furthermore, the worst thing that we as parents and guardians can do is make provisions and excuses for our children to behave in ways that are below the expectations we’ve set for them.
 Effective parenting begins with owning that you have the responsibility to establish higher expectations for your child--not society, not their school or the community-only you.  As their parent, you are the expressed image of who they are, want to become, and can be.  If you desire better behaviors from your kids, first set those expectations for yourself. 
If children grow up seeing arguing and fighting, they will eventually begin to express hostile and violent behaviors.  When our kids are influenced by those who use profanity and inappropriate language, they come into the schools and community doing the same thing.  Our young people are only doing what we’ve taught them and what we’ve allowed them to do.
Due to the fact that the inability to parent is at an all time high, we are finding that our children are turning toward lives of crime and violence, rather than lives of promise and greatness.
Live a life in front of your kids that you would be proud to have them copy.  Stop the cycles and break the generational curses.  Parents play the most pivotal role in whom and what their children will become.
The key to saving the next generation is making the present one better.
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australian writingservices on Saturday, October 28, 2017 4:56 AM
Poor parenting prepares kids for prison making about poor teachers and poverty stricken cities as the main reason of children. I know about this jeffmayjr blog, mostly sharing on choosing a career in education and parent their kids.
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Bosse on Saturday, November 11, 2017 12:16 AM
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