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Are you Anti-Obama or just Racist?

As we find ourselves in the midst of a very close and extremely comical race to determine who will emerge as the next republican hopeful to challenge President Obama for his office, there seems to be more of a disrespectful and racial undertone than that of actual legitimate concerns for the future of our country.
 At a time where the leader of the free world is referred to as “tar baby”, “boy”, “uppity” and let’s not forget “nigger”; it is very easy to see that racism is alive and well within our society, especially inside the political system. 
Furthermore, such outlandish practices as calling Mr. Obama a “Muslim” or an “illegal” clearly reveals that the main issue that many have with our president is that he is the wrong shade in the wrong office.
Since his election, there have been many that have just not accepted the fact that an African American man holds the highest office in the land.  Quite frankly, it makes some of our citizens sick to their stomachs. 
There were even those who were driven to tears, as they contemplated “moving to Canada” at the thought of a black president.  For this reason most of his opposition refuse to call him President Obama, instead they smugly refer to him as “this president” or “Obama”. 
 So, it is not surprising that all of the debt, conflicts and troubles that he inherited from the previous administration, have now become his fault and apparently speaks to his inability to lead our nation. 
This way of thinking screams Jim Crow considering the fact that most of these critics, aside from being completely ignorant, are educated enough to understand that it is going to take time to fix what took years to create.  But according to mainstream thinking, when you don’t come from a certain ancestral stock, you are not qualified to lead the country or make decisions that impact the world.
It is with this racist attitude that many Americas disrespect and disregard our President more than any other president in history.  However, the saddest point is that it is widely viewed as acceptable due to the fact that everyone has the right to say what they feel, whenever they want…..unless you are the President. 
 With the freedom of expression comes the responsibility to be respectful.  The lack of respect for the office of The President of The United States has reached an all-time low.  Furthermore,this fact raises some questions as to why such disrespect has occurred so strongly during a black man’s presidency.
Ordinary citizens are not the only ones spewing racial commentary about Mr. Obama.  It is a sad day when those who hold political offices are leading the charge when it comes to bigotry and racism. 
 Elected officials stand as the voices of those who elected them into the very offices they hold.  They own the responsibility to speak on the behalf of many who would more than likely go unheard. 
So when an elected official from the state of Kansas prays for the death of the president and asks God to make his "children fatherless and his wife a widow", I find it challenging to take pride in a nation that would allow this type of person to continue to lead and influence anyone!
It’s easy to see why younger generations have lost faith in our political system when a group of elected leaders fail to work together on the grounds of general “dislike” and “difference” while people are suffering economically. 
It is also disheartening to realize that people are prepared to choose any option, no matter how unqualified they may be, to take the place of the person whom they can’t stand to see remain in office. 
 When the center of your discontent is predicated upon a preference of race—that means you’re racist.
Contrary to popular opinion, just because you did not vote for President Obama, doesn’t mean that he’s not your president.  If you are a citizen of these United States,then Mr. Barak Obama is your president, rather you accept it or not.  Oh, and by the way……..he’s a black man. 
There must be, if nothing else, a respect for his office and position.  We have the responsibility to set a better example for generations to come and to restore faith in a democratic process that has been tarnished throughout the years. 
No matter what political preference we have, despite the various political tactics that are underhandedly orchestrated and in spite of our many cultural differences; we all will be responsible for what becomes of our nation.  
It’s time to wake up and do better.  It is important to realize that other countries are watching us and we can be certain that we look as foolish to them as we appear to ourselves.
When we honestly examine our political stance and determine the true source of our dissatisfaction without putting the emphasis on race, then and only then can we respectfully validate our views and opinions. 
You’re The Change

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Shawniece Southall on Thursday, March 08, 2012 12:10 PM
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