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Neglectful Parenting is no better than Abortion

There are an estimated 205 million pregnancies every year with 42 million of those ending in abortion. However, as eye-catching and concerning as these numbers appear, they fail to take in account the number of abortions that are attributed to poor parenting.
In our society we seem to celebrate the fact that many people CHOOSE to follow through with child-birth rather than resorting to aborting their pregnancies.  Sadly, we passively overlook the reality that the lives of many children are destroyed before they reach the vitality and potential that life has for them. 
Everyday our kids are being extracted from the womb of the provision of basic needs and invaluable life-changing experiences while we place so much emphasis on the technical mechanics and political viewpoints of abortion.
Today many parents have failed to ensure that their offspring have adequate nutrition, sufficient living conditions and not to mention acceptable educational opportunities. Instead these baby killers place a higher value on material goods,staying up to date with the latest fashions, their Facebook page and their own love life. 
 And while some proclaim that“Momma gotta have a life too”, they fail to realize that the lives they have and are responsible for are those of the children that they decided to bring into the world.
We cannot continue to give special kudos to those that simply had children, especially if they abort their God-given responsibility to provide the best life they possibly can for them. 
It is time to stop vilifying the orchestrators and supporters of abortion while we sit back and allow irresponsible “baby factories” to continue to reap the financial benefits of their outstanding procreating skills and abilities. These children had no voice concerning the time of their arrival or family placement, just as unborn children had no voice when it came to deciding their fate.
Leaving the fate of innocent children in the hands of individuals who are not only unprepared to raise children, but who also fail to be invested in their survival; is no better than destroying them in the womb. 
As educators, these sentiments are compacted when we witness the daily parade of parents boasting name brand cloths and freshly manicured nails while riding in customized vehicles picking up children with unwashed faces, soiled clothing and failing grades.
  Our hearts ache as we see fourth and fifth grade children delegated the responsibility of caring for their younger siblings because “daddy wasn’t able to look over our homework, momma didn’t fix us dinner or grandma couldn’t get us ready for school.”
It is as if some parents lack the time to properly care for the children they found time to conceive. These same babies find themselves in the position of responsible parents instead of innocent children. 
It is important to understand that neglect shows itself in various ways, many of which are not so overt. Some parents are neglectfully aborting their children when they refuse or fail to confront and correct behaviors that may lead to the incarceration or ultimate demise of their children. 
Many are destroying the lives of young people when they turn blind eyes and deaf ears to abuse, addictions and other issues that continue to torment and alter the futures of the next generations.  
The generational cycle of neglectful parenting must end with those who have an intrinsic desire to provide a better quality of life for their children than was previously allotted for them.  We must understand that we are not to blame for what people before us were unable to do, but we will however pay or perish for what we knowingly fail to do ourselves.
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